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Burnin'Up - Jonas Brothers para "Luna Nueva"

Esta es una versión de Burnin'Up (Moonin' Up), original de los Jonas Brothers, y que esta vez es interpretada por Thomas Harling para la banda sonora de Luna Nueva.

"Moonin' Up"

Your skin's hot, mine's cold
You go around wanting to know
What I am, but you don't [oh wait, you do]
I sparkle from head to toes

I'm totally the cutest vampi-ah
And I'm tryin' keep from bitin' others
But will Jacob soon take ovah?
We're moonin' up, moonin' up, for you baby

Your smell, a spell cast
Can't hold myself back
Car peels, helpless
All by yourself, gotta save you from death


Walk in the classroom all I can smell is you
Oh, you were starin' me down in the lunchroom


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